Monday, February 28, 2011

Mark's Leadership Blog: Leadership is Relationship and Action Based

Mark's Leadership Blog: Leadership is Relationship and Action Based

Leadership is Relationship and Action Based

It is interesting to see what people think leadership really is. I know one thing for sure. Leadership is about doing, not just about "ideas." With all the forms of electronic communication, it sure has made it easy to spread around our thoughts - many of which are good. However, leadership is influence. Very few ideas will ever influence me or anyone else, without understanding the character and values (more specifically the world view) of the source of the ideas.

So what is my point? Well, be careful to not ignore the need for real live relationships where people get together and discuss and read about truth from people of sound character. The value placed on your ideas can be measured by the extent you are willing to sacrifice to implement them. One of the greatest sacrifices is personal growth. People can see that clearly. Many people want to "make a difference in the world" without having to be "different" themselves. Those people only prove their ideas don't have that much value to them, because the value of something is set by the price someone is willing to pay.

It is funny to me how much junk (via email, FB, twitter ect) I get from people who have accomplished so little beyond their keyboard, and how I never get much from those who have accomplished so much. Real leaders use their time in action - doing.  An idea not attached to a person of know character willing to sacrifice is WORTHLESS! God Bless!