Monday, January 2, 2012

Just fun

This week Rita and some of the roundtable ladies have been invited to visit Terri Brady at her Place in cape coral Fl. We decided to take a few days to deliver her as a family. It's quite a LIFE experience spending 20 hours in a car with 5 children 10 and under and two "adults."

We thank the LIFE business for our ability to endure such a task, LoL! Actually it's been an amazing reflection to think how well the kids did respecting each others "lack of space." We need to get a few more CDs in Annabel (2 years old) as her attitude about her 3 point harness and racing seat was a little on the negative side, occasionally.

Adam (10) was quite the trooper as he was the one who sat between Audrey (5) who likes to dance in her seat and Annabel who likes to escape from her seat. Aaron (8) gets the honor on the return trip!

We stopped at Walmart (as we always do anytime we are in the car together and I mean always) and purchased a nerf and mini "leather" football. We recently read the book of the month watched a Tim Tebow video so the boys have been hungry to throw. Adam and Aaron were quickly cranking perfect spirals at the rest stops. Alec quickly proved you can play frisbee "by myself" as he doesn't need anyone's help - the choleric!

I waited to the last minute to find a condo for a few days so I could negotiate a good price as I was sure anyone would rather rent their vacant condo for even a few dollars profit than none. Gotta keep working on that finance F as we teach our children to be "good stewards of their money.

Between the roof of the suburban, a bike rack and a hitch tote, we brought all the bikes and a pull behind for Annabel. We looked like something Jed Clampet would have put together. We arrived in style to our final Ft Myers destination at about 1am.

What a great time it has been even in just the first few hour of the new day watching the beach totally captivate the attention of all the children. No boredom here! Some sun, a great ocean breeze, and sand and water digging kids!

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