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Is your Leadership Short Term Productive but Long Term Destructive? Learn why to mentor here!

Number 7 rated Leadership Guru in the World, Orrin Woodward has an article on his Blog entitled Leadership Polarizes Because Truth is Polarizing.  Reading from the following excerpt:

"As a leader, I have had to make the tough decisions, letting people go (or supporting COO of TEAM, Rob Hallstrand in this process) when performance targets were not being met. It wasn’t personal, but as a professional leader, I am expected to make the tough decisions in order for the community to thrive. I did and will continue to do so as a leader. I also, as the TEAM Chairman, hold the line on people’s character, when they do something that is not in line with the culture or character of the team. I will sit them down from representing the TEAM until the issues are addressed. We are a grace based culture and forgive quickly when people repent from poor character choices. Our objective is always to restore relationships as this helps all of us reach more people. The goal is to confront, teach, and resolve, but if someone refuses to follow this process, they will not be allowed to hurt the rest of the LIFE TEAM community.

Regardless of how much a person complains, he should know that complaining to others (in person or online) will not resolve a character issue. Just as Proverbs 18:17 “The first to state his own case, seems right, Until  another comes and examines him,” it’s only by sitting down and addressing issues like leaders that we learn the truth of the matter. I am happy to report that over the years, numerous relationships have been restored though practicing the Biblical conflict resolution principles taught within TEAM. I pray for the key relationships within each community, for I know this is one of the main ways Satan attempts to destroy movements for good. My advice to the reader is to remain humble, knowing that all of us are blind to our own sins, staying open to “learning moments” from each conflict resolution process. I know I certainly have learned a ton from the conflict resolution process over the years."

in the book quote overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team quote the author discusses

1) the absence of trust

2) the fear of conflict

3) the lack of commitment

4) the avoidance of accountability

5) the inattention to results

I noticed how Orrin's above two paragraphs discussed things covered in that book.  I recomment that you read it you have not.

I did want to cover something that sometimes is not obvious.  Often times people mistake the need for trust as a need for agreement. This problem demonstrates one of the greatest assertion of pride I think I see in Teams. Because leaders or followers of  leaders disagree it is no reason to exhibit mistrustful behavior.  Often when someone disagrees with someone else the natural but distructive thing they do is to solicit the agreement and sympathy of another persons. (I see it as the Cowards route and I know it well because I used to do it.)

I'd used solicit my wife for her to side with me and be against someone else. It's embarrassing now to think back on what a biblical principal I was violating.

This is very dangerous. It causes division and damage to the whole team.  One of my favorite movies is Crimson Tide with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington. Denzel is a modern expert via academics on War and Gene is a wise seasoned war hero.

Two Leaders find themselves on Board a USA Nuclear submarine and fighting amongst themselves for the authority and influence to act upon a call to nuclear war with the enemy.  I leave the movie for you to watch to see what a mess the two leaders ended up with.  One thing was for sure, that they had, because of their pride, failed to resolve their differences between themselves, they destroyed a team of people that had been made over so many years of sacrifice.

Leadership requires humility.  Often times strong personalities mistakenly want to turn everyone who disagrees with them into the enemy or someone to compete with.

Here is somethings you should remember:

1)  Be humble. It is important to be a leader.  But if your too big to follow then you will be to small to lead.  Followers need to see their leaders submit to someone's authority.  If not, all you will teach by your actions eventually is how not to be a follower.  A real leader never expects someone to do what they will not.  If you are not being mentored (which incidentally is very different from being coached) then you will create a whole team of people who do not mentor. A team that does not mentor turns into a self destructive force.

2)  Competition is good and does create cooperation if done with the right spirit of win win and the right heart.  Doing it to prove someone else wrong is a recipe for disaster.  Someone's spite for another person can not be easily hidden. And unless you are really fighting an enemy and everyone knows it, you shouldn't be fighting but instead creating ways to collectively win together.

3)  As a leader who also follows, remember that no one is perfect.  The person you are following may make mistakes or goes in the wrong direction once in a while. It is not required for you to agree with them to follow.  It is not a democracy. A good leader will fix his mistakes. Keeping everyone unified in the wrong direction for a moment is better than dividing everyone into their own "what they think is right" direction. Discretion is the enemy of duplication and hence the enemy of  leadership.

It doesn't mean a leader has a free ticket excusing him from adressing character flaws.  Character flaws must be addressed using Conflict resolution methods.  But I'm not talking about character flaws in my explanation of being a good follower to be a good leader.   I'm talking about a difference in opinion of methods of directions or path to the agreed upon destination.

Ignore these items above and also in "The five dysfunctions of a Team" and you my find quick temporary growth in a Team as all strong and excited personalities can make happen but long tern it will destroy itself.

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