Monday, November 7, 2011

Team Maximus is Posting all Recognition Weekly - Come view the Leaders!

The Founders of LIFE Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other members are Leaders, Let's Join them!

I will be posting a picture and Summary for all the members of Team Maxumis Recognition weekly.  Examples are Go-Getters, Welcome New LIFE members and their subscriptions including Team System and SOT, ect.  I will do my best to post each week on Tuesday morning that which represents the previous week of "Recognition" up to that Sunday.  Tuesday, Most days I will have it posted By the open meeting and it will be useful information to you and your TEAM for edification purposes.  Please check in and leave comments on people's achievements. As time goes on and we develop some good formats and examples, I will ask each Profit sharer to post their own for their Team here on The Team Maximus Blog.  I will give you publishing rights.  In addition, I will ask Orrin and Chris to frequent the Blog and Leave comments as well, so they can get to know you or your Rising Leaders.  The Blog is not intended to take the place of Team Talk, but is an addition to it.

God Bless

Lets Use our performance in LIFE to influence others for the Greater Good!

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