Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chris Robinson-Testimony of LIFE

When they say the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know,” that was me.  There are so many things that I thought I knew that I really didn’t know.    It’s amazing as you listen to other people’s experiences in LIFE and you see how they struggled just like you did, it gives you a sigh of hope.  With that hope, it gave me a desire to ask more questions, and I listened more.  As I dug deeper into the information, I really started to learn principles of success that I never heard before.  I was always taught to work hard, but was never taught the principles of how to win in life.  I was always surrounded with working and working and working.  What a great feeling it is to be on a journey of personal growth-to grow in all areas of my LIFE! 

To learn so much in these areas as far as being a husband, a father, a friend, a servant to others, and not to judge.  The three A’s- Accept, Approve and Appreciate-taught me how to love people for who they are.  As I’m on this journey, I see the ripple effect that is caused by each of us being willing to change.  In my personal life, I see how my willingness to change has impacted the lives of my children as well as good friends and others I have met along this journey.  There’s no turning back.  The better “me” lies just ahead, and I’m committed to learning what I don’t know.

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