Thursday, December 1, 2011

LIFE gives the Gift of Honor

The gift-giving season has arrived and it reminds me of a book Terri Brady recommended related to parenting.  It challenged me to consider the Family area of my LIFE, specifically in regards to honor and respect in the home.  Honor was defined simply as “treating people as special, doing more than what’s expected, and having a good attitude.”  Additionally, it went on to explain that showing honor is like giving a gift.  When we treat others in dishonoring ways, it’s like giving dirt to them.  On the contrary, when we show honor, we give them a daily gift worthy of sharing with others.

As an assertive and somewhat dominant (lol!) woman, my personality had affected our home environment.  Our children were being raised as independent thinkers, yes, but ultimately, they knew that mommy and daddy had the “final say” in the home.  Obedience didn’t seem to be a problem; yet, something was lacking.  It didn’t take me long to recognize that “something” was honor.  I can laugh now looking back how I attempted to “take charge” and bring honor into our home through an action plan of discussions on character related topics, reading classics, and associated reward charts.  Initially we saw some change, but obviously I was missing the spirit of the book--honor through example.

We are commanded in God’s word to “prefer one another” (Romans 12:10).  The New International Version states it like this, “Honor one another above yourselves.”  At the heart of it, “preferring” one another really challenges our naturally selfish mindset.  This type of honor is desperately needed in many homes across America, including our own.  With the addition of our seventh little one, Chris and I were reawakened to this need.  We are so grateful for the LIFE changing information we continue to receive through the LIFE subscriptions.  Chris Brady’s recent LIFE cd on “giving happy” reminded me how we find true joy in service to others.  Honor Based Parenting isn’t always easy, but as Orrin Woodward says, “Leaders don’t do things that are convenient, they do things that are needed.”

The author of the book I mentioned earlier stresses, “When we recognize a person’s value, it’s easy to give him or her honor.”  We find ourselves blessed to be associated with people like Mark and Rita Haas, Chris and Terri Brady, and Orrin and Laurie Woodward.  These LIFE leaders exemplify how to not only validate others, but to add value in their lives by pouring a bit of themselves into them.

Chris and I are proud to be part of the legacy of Team Maximus, where each of our affiliated Teams can unite under the banner of “Strength and HONOR.”  We have found that STRENGTH resides in being part of a group of people that are committed to “treat people as special, do more than what’s expected, and have a good attitude.”  Thank you, Mark and Rita for setting that example for us all.

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