Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How A Christian man found the ability to influence others.

Because of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, my wife, Rebecca, and I have had the privilege to be a part of the greatest Team building community on the planet called LIFE!! for the past four and a half years. I can't begin to explain the thankfulness for the blessings that we've have received from mentors in my life like Mark and Rita Haas, Josh and Anny Dames  and a wonderful self directed education that has helped tremendously in my life. You see I have had a deep grounded faith in Jesus Christ most of my life. I would pray and think about ways that I would be able to lead and influence people to the faith that has changed my life.
I would share my faith with people that I didn't even know and even though I had good motives, at times I would feel frustrated with the fact that I was not able to make a significant difference in there lives an influence them in the faith that had greatly effected my life. I knew that God had placed certain gifts in me but was not sure how to effectively be able to use them. What really happened is that I started to work in a career in the construction industry that started out as really just a means to be able to work until I was able to do the thing that I was called to do.
I was not a stranger to hard work because my family had brought me up that way, providing a great example in my life. I soon later met my wonderful wife Becca and bought a house and had our first kid (Nolan). With having a family came the greatest rewards in life, however I did find myself working more hours to provide for my family, more time away from the people that I loved and definitely had a hard time finding time to a calling. 
I knew that God had placed me in a wonderful position and had blessed me with an amazing family but I still had such a desire to make an impact in the world while he had put me here. It wasn't but a couple of years later that my brother had introduced me to a leadership development engine called TEAM.  TEAM gave me new insight that there was a better way to live life, and that I did't have to stay in the rat race like everyone else. But, more importantly, I was able to gain mentors in life that showed me how I to truly lead community of people by gaining influence in the eight F's of LIFE! I started to learn and grow in my leadership an through an amazing system of information and I started making a difference in more peoples life than I could never have imagined.
I didn't know it but at the time when I had been introduced to LIFE, God was giving me the tools to fulfill my calling, to make a difference in my family, and to become the person I was created to be. What I learned is that the information that you receive and apply will determine actions, your actions will determine your habits and your habits will determine your results. Unfortunately most of the information that was being taught to me by the world had helped me get in to the position that I was in. 
What I now realize through the LIFE Business, is that if I wanted to get different results I should learn from those most qualified to teach me (hence, someone who has fruit on the tree). That in of itself is what the team has provided in my life. So I can't begin to put into words what a true blessing the LIFE business has been for my family.
Thank you Chris and Orrin for Serving and developing The Life Business with such Godly intentions
God Bless
Jason Dames
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