Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do You Have The Gift of Blowing Bubbles?

I have had the privilege of knowing Terri Brady through the Team and now LIFE for going on 9 years now. It is amazing with you can see the direct impact a specific person can have in your life, to truly sharpen you and bring out your best. I know Terri has been that person for women all across North America due to the intentional role she has within the Team organization. The new blog she started, called Letters to Lindsey, was so exciting to me because I realized that her now her thinking would be shared on a regular basis and have public access to so many women who are striving to become better each day in the area of their faith, family, finance, fitness, following, understanding of freedom, friends, and having fun!
I wanted to share a paragraph from a recent article on Terri's blog because it is so timely for the season and culture we live in. With the holidays approaching and each woman's to do list lengthening it was a great reminder to revisit the priorities of our lives and see where they come in the order of that to do list! This comes from Terri's post In the Midst of Mess: But, motherhood is a GIFT! The memories of flour messes get lost in the midst of the cookies…and play dough…and bubbles…and laughs – if we allow them. The kids remember the seeds we plant – but rarely the circumstances in which they were planted.
I spent time thinking about these words and reflecting back on how my time was spent this week. This article encouraged and challenged me to see if what I was accomplishing each day fell in the right order of priority. Did I really take time to put myself in my children's place of feeling the excitement, frustration, joy or victory they were experiencing? Did I intentionally add value and communicate my love to them through how my words and time were used? I am a person naturally wired for task over relationship, so it is a blessing to be reminded that a "task" like blowing bubbles with our children is in the category of high priority! I found myself feeling so grateful to be able to have resources from LIFE. Resources like the parenting pack , or the books in the faith and family categories of LIFE or the mentorship and example of an Orrin and Laurie Woodward, Chris and Terri Brady and Mark and Rita Haas in our lives to guide both myself and husband Scott through the priorities of our lives. I pray this holiday season and throughout this next year that we will all add the gift of making memories and creating deeper relationships through investing in those around us!
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